Currently Mr. Kassouf is President & COO of Broadcast 3DTV, Inc. He is the Inventor of patented , computer generated No Glasses3D adaptive display systems.

Mr. Kassouf is an innovator in all areas of visual technology from High Definition to 3D. He has more than twenty years of experience creating digital solutions and applications including several years of advanced development of emerging technologies.

Previously, Mr. Kassouf produced the TV music series, "The Rock Files", as well as edited music videos for TV. He produced special effects content for TV Series such as "Alias", "CSI New York", "CSI Miami". "Chuck", "Lost" and "Dexter".

Mr. Kassouf has also authored DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs for major studios and co-founded eDef Media Labs, a research company that specializes in transforming video and film from standard definition to high definition in order to meet broadcast specifications. Mr. Kassouf is an expert in entertainment technology.

Some of his credits include:

The Clinger Sisters: The First All Girl Rock & Roll Band

Producer / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor

Winner: Action On Film - Best Documentary 2013 

Above the Call, Beyond the Duty

Director - Live Play at the Taper Theater, Los Angeles.

Producer / Director of the show DVD, written and preformed by James McEachin

Big Vision Entertainment

Line Producer / Cinematographer

Multiple specialty DVD’s  such as Yoga for Beginners, The Yoga Style, and many others.

EN2GO International:

Software Design / Team Producer

Developed HD video for Internet transmission for Apple

Designer of original encode sequence for quality in low bandwidth.

Double Edge Digital / EMC2 Digital

Content Producer & Member of Software Interface Team creating special effects for Alias, CSI, Lost, Dexter, Brats the Movie, Chuck (pilot), Studio 60 (pilot) among others.

eDef Media Labs:

Created systems and technology for converting Standard Video to High Definition, Menu Design for Blu-Ray and DVD Authoring, and Television Adaptation.

KOJI Films

Camera / Editing / Compositing

Music Videos for International Music Artists

APX. 60+ videos.

IVI (International Video Innovation)

DVD authoring for mastering, pressing, dubbing and replication for Warner Brothers, New Line Entertainment, Think Films, Lions Gate and others.

Family Feature Entertainment

With Director Roger Mindy

Editor Feature Film, 8 Ball (Drama)

U.C.T.V. Productions - Undercover Television

Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

TV Commercials & The Rock Files - Channel 13 KTLA showcasing Los Angeles rock bands.

Alley Farson Movies

Producer / Cinematographer

3 - 90 minute features staring Kelly Lydell included her biography as the daughter of Johnny Lydell songwriter / signer Primrose Lane among others.

Producers Associates

Producer / Editor

Commercials including: Continental Yogurt, Mercedes Dealers of Southern California, Laker's Radio, among others.


Sidney Kassouf

Phone; 818-568-6747