Dean Zanetos is a motion picture and television producer / director with a broad scope of experience from director of photography to screenwriter. In the past several years, Mr. Zanetos has been responsible for film and television productions with aggregate budgets in excess of $120 million.

From 2004 through 2012 he directed the video production for the Sonoma Jazz Festival which included such legendary artists as Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Tony Bennett, Steve Miller, Diana Kral, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Natalie Cole. He directed the video for the dual CD release of the Steven Winwood album, “About Time.” He did the video production for the 1999-2000 Luis Miguel world tour. The tour album won “album of the year” at the Latin Grammys and the video was released as a DVD. He also did the video production for the Jimmy Buffett tours from 1999 through 2004, including work on the video for the Buffett / Alan Jackson #1 hit, “It™s 5 O™clock Somewhere.”

Mr. Zanetos produced several top rated movies of the week including the pilot for the NBC Television series “Misfits of Science,” introducing Courtney Cox. He directed and produced shows as varied as “The Vintage Years” for syndicated television as well as live, multi-camera Ticketmaster National Showcase music specials for airing on MTV three years in a row.

Previously, Mr. Zanetos was under contract to Universal Studios. During his tenure at Universal, Mr. Zanetos produced and directed such network television series as “Voyagers” and “Cliffhangers,” which were released as features worldwide, and directed sequences for “Battlestar Galactica,” His “Battlestar Gallactica” film was also released as a Universal theatrical feature.

Mr. Zanetos produced movies of the week “Hawaiian Heat,” introducing Tia Carrere, which became a series for ABC and “Nightside” for ABC Television. He also produced the highly rated “Battles, The Murder That Wouldn™t Die,” a movie of the week for NBC, starring William Conrad.

Other credits of Mr. Zanetos include the critically acclaimed movie of the week “The Legend of the Golden Gun,” starring Hal Holbrook, and the Movie of the Week and series “Fitz and Bones,” starring the Smothers Brothers, and the television series “The Robert Guillaume Show” for ABC Television.

Mr. Zanetos was a director/cameraman in the US Army. While in the Army Mr. Zanetos photographed and coordinated motion picture operations for the Third Army. After his service in the Army he worked as a cameraman in a variety of projects, from low budget features for Roger Corman to documentaries for the USIA and ABC Wide World of Sports.

Mr. Zanetos combines the delicate balance of complicated production with optimum audience appeal while at the same time delivering production in compliance with insurance bonds as well as major motion picture and/or network television requirements.

Mr. Zanetos is a graduate of the University of Denver and is a current director-member of the Directors Guild, as well as affiliated with the Producers Guild, and Cinematographers Guild.

The following are highlights of Mr. Zanetos credits:

Director / Producer

Universal Studios

Galactica - ABC 10 episodes and a Feature Motion Picture release

Misfits of Science - NBC 16 episodes

Voyagers - NBC 20 episodes and a Feature Motion Picture release

Cliffhangers - NBC 12 episodes and a Feature Motion Picture release

Fitz & Bones - NBC 4 episodes

Hawaiian Heat - ABC 10 episodes

Television Movies

Battles, The Murder That Wouldn™t Die “ NBC

Nightside “ ABC

Columbia Pictures “ Television

The Legend of The Golden Gun “ NBC

New World Pictures - Television Series

The Robert Guillaume Show - ABC 12 episodes

Ambush Entertainment

Television Special

Vintage Years “ Syndicated

Dean Zanetos

Phone; 818-568-6747